ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — The St. Louis Archdiocese calls new billboards cropping up across the St. Louis area as “anti-religious prejudice” against the Catholic Church.

The billboards come from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and they all say the same thing: “Quit the church…put women’s rights over bishops’ wrongs”.

The Freedom From Religion’s Annie Laurie Gaylor says the Catholic Church is trying to stop women from getting mandated free birth control.

“These are targeted for places where the diocese is part of the litigation by the Roman Catholic church against the contraceptive mandate by U.S. Health and Human Services,” explains Gaylor.

But Archdiocesan spokeswoman Elizabeth Westhoff says that’s wrong.

Westhoff says the church isn’t attempting to tell anyone else what to do. But only asks for its followers be respected. (Click to read the St. Louis Archdiocese full statement)

Westhoff also calls the Freedom From Religion’s message unethical and offensive.

“They’re telling people to leave the Catholic Church by basically demising false and misleading information,” said Westhoff.

She goes on to say the billboards are offensive because they are likely “placed near Catholic Ministries that have served poor and under served woman decades.”


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