Brittany Tedder

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- The National Weather Service is predicting hot and dry weather this week with temperatures breaking 100 degrees Thursday and Friday.

But, was it this hot last summer?

The National Weather Service Meteorologist, Ben Miller says during the summer of 2011, there had been 15 days that were 100 degrees or higher.

“Last year on September 1, Lambert hit 104, and that was the highest temperature,” Miller says.

Miller says it has certainly been dry, and St. Louis isn’t very far down on precipitation for the course of the year.

“A lot of places didn’t get as much beneficial rain out of that last system about a week ago, kind of what St. Louis metro area did,” Miller says.

Miller says the next chance for rain is this weekend, but chances are very low.

“We’re not sure if it will make it far in the area due to the strength of the hot air in the place at the time,” Miller says.

The Climate Prediction Center shows above average temperatures in the one-month time frame in July, and again for the three-month period of July, August, and September.

“It certainly looks like it’s going to be a warm summer, whether we have a bunch of 100 degree days or if they’re all in the mid 90s, but there’s no way of knowing that,” Miller says.

Miller says the year so far for St. Louis is 2 degrees above pace for the warmest year on record.


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