St. Louis, Mo. (KMOX)As you heard on KMOX News Monday, the practice of electronically scanning drivers license data is causing concern for some shoppers.

Attorney Brad Young with Roberts Perryman says while there’s no law against it, there are some rules governing how retailers handle your information.

“If there’s a data breech, if their security is lax, if they put the information out in an openly accessible garbage can, there can be both civil and criminal penalties for the failure to protect sensitive information”

Otherwise, do consumers have any recourse? “The only recourse is to take your business elsewhere,” says Young, but he does add that consumers have a right to ask retailers what data they’re gathering and why. “That’s an absolutely reasonable question in today’s society where our privacy is already practically nonexistent and yet situations like this retailers are trying to remove what little privacy protections we still have.”

Still, there may be a powerful way to complain. Young says the major credit card companies have rules for stores, “both MasterCard and Visa specify, that you may not require additional identification other than simply the production of the credit card.” He adds, if retailers won’t listen to concerns about storing data from your drivers license those credit card companies might.

Shoppers Skeptical About Scanned ID

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