There is no arguing that the NHL Hall of Fame Class of 2012 is a very deserving class. I also believe Pavel Bure is a good choice for the Hall of Fame. However, Brendan Shanahan should have been a first ballot inductee, hands down. 1500+ games, 656 goals, Stanley Cup Championships, 1354 pts. and all with 2489 PIMS. Shanahan should have gone in easily ahead of Bure. I don’t have any comprehension why he didn’t. The voters didn’t make a mistake with who the voted in, they made a mistake by not voting Shanahan in this year.

What a day for Adam Oates. He gets his first job as a Head Coach in the NHL on the same day he finds out he is elected into the Hall of Fame. Wow.


College football finally has a playoff system and already people are griping. Give it a rest. While it is only 4 teams in the playoff, it is still a playoff and here a point that is being overlooked. Many critics are already crying about the fact that there will be mistakes made and major discrepancies in trying to decide between who is the 4th team and who is the 5th or 6th team. They may be right, but the reality is the waters get even murkier if you were to try to decipher the difference between the 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th place team. There is no way to avoid debate when dealing across conferences and different school sizes, funding, recruiting, and schedules. While no system will ever appease everyone, this is a good step in the right direction.


The current NHL CBA is scheduled to expire in September. Reports are surfacing that new talks may resume this Friday. Several things are obvious to keep in mind. The players have done very well under the current CBA. Far better than they would have thought, and this CBA has not worked out the way the owners thought it would. The NHL failed to get done what was needed when the foolishly lost an entire season. The wounds from that fiasco are still VERY fresh and neither side can avoid to allow another work stoppage. Both sides hopefully are smart enough to realize this. Along those lines, public CBA talk does not serve either side and frankly is a bad PR move. Gary Bettman needs to impose a GAG order on all owners when it comes to public comments about the CBA process and impose stiff fines for violations. This needs to be kept inside the room until it is done.


I am dumbfounded with a horrifying trend in Major League Baseball. The role of umpires is not just to oversee the game and make sure it is played by the rules that govern the game. It is also their job to do what is necessary to get the calls right. We have seen perfect games lost because of obvious bad calls. We have seen no hitters when they should not have been a no-hitter. We have seen horrifically missed calls on the base paths and then there was the fiasco screwed up by Bob Davidson in the series opener between the Cardinals and the Marlins. MLB needs to find a way immediately to make sure the importance of getting the call right is emphasized. Even if it means admitting an error, admit it and get it right, which is what should have happened in Miami.


There are always intriguing stories that come out of the Olympics and so many different human interest stories that grab us and make us pull for athletes we may never have heard of before. But the most intriguing fun of this Olympics may be the battle between Swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. Can Lochte take some gold medals from Phelps? This will be fun to watch.

Oh yeah…I also can’t wait to watch any race involving Usain Bolt.

Chris Kerber, the voice of the St. Louis Blues, is a host on “The Sports Hub” on KMOX.


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