Brian Kelly Twitter:@brpkelly

WASHINGTON, DC (KMOX)-As you’d expect, Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on healthcare is getting widely divergent reaction from local members of congress.

Missouri Republican Todd Akin says, “Today, America is threatened by this stage three cancer of socialism.”

Aiken says the ruling allows government takeover of healthcare, which will bankrupt the nation and destroy the quality of care.

He says, “I’m not going to rest until every last sentence of “Obamacare” hits the trash can of bad ideas.” So what’s his next step, “Our next appeal is probably a legislative one. Probably trying to de-fund it and trying to replace it with better ideas.”

Akin says he’d like to see people own their own health insurance like they own their own auto insurance.

Missouri Democrat William Lacy Clay calls the Supreme Court’s decision, “A great victory for every American who has health care coverage and every American who needs it.”

Clay says it’s now time to stop the political posturing and move forward, “We don’t need to do all this political posturing and pass some bills out of the House that we know will go nowhere in the Senate.”

As for cries of ‘socialism’, Clay says, “The same thing was yelled from the rooftops when we passed social security. If social security and medicare are considered socialism well, so be it.”


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