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“Your Sister’s Sister’s” is a low-budget, pretentious film with a good cast that seems to improvise to some degree, which is good because the scripting is more than a little slight and expected.

sisters 6 Sisters a Real Family Affair

The film opens at a small, informal house party where a group of friends have gathered to remember the one year anniversary of a man’s death. The man’s brother, Jack, played by Mark Duplass, who can also be seen in “Safety Not Guaranteed,” is on hand (and a little tipsy) and instead of remembering positive things, he recalls his brother’s many faults, all the while still claiming love for his brother.

sisters 1 Sisters a Real Family Affair

Emily Blunt plays Jack’s best friend,  Iris, who implores Jack to take some time out to be by himself and sends him up to her family’s isolated vacation cottage nearby off the coast of Washington state. Once he arrives, Jack is surprised to find Iris’ sister Hannah, played by Rosemary DeWitt, is already there herself recovering from the sudden ending of a long-term relationship. Later that same night, they both can’t sleep, start drinking Tequila and end up sleeping together.

sisters 5 Sisters a Real Family Affair

The very next morning, Iris shows up at the cottage with groceries, much to the shock and surprise of Jack and Hannah, and a curious love/friendship triangle is born.

sisters 4 Sisters a Real Family Affair

I really think the resolution of this film could have been handled in a much smarter fashion. The movie has it’s humorous moments. At times, I kept thinking “Your Sister’s Sister” would make a much better studio theater play than a movie.



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