Brittany Tedder

WARRENTON, Mo. (KMOX)- With the heat wave broiling the midwest, the one necessity people turn to for some relief is water. But what if the city you lived in made it mandatory to conserve as much water as possible?

That’s exactly what the city of Warrenton is doing. The mandatory ban went into effect last Thursday.

Mayor Jerry Dyer says the city started off with voluntarily conserving water which helped a little but not enough.

“We gained about five feet in our wells by doing that,” Dyer says. “But when we turned them all back on and they were functioning again, the water level got too low on one of the wells, therefore, we had to shut that well down.”

Since then, the city of Warrenton issued mandatory water conservation where the city quit selling commercial water. The city also told people to stop watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, and no sprinklers.6009lawn sprinkler Warrenton, MO Bans High Usage Of Water

“Since that’s been in effect, we measure our water usage everyday, and our water usage has been 300 to 400,000 gallons less,” Dyer says.

The ban may be lifted next Wednesday, but until then a pump needs to be replaced on one of the wells.

“Our immediate problem solving strategy is to pull the pump on the well that we’re having trouble with and put a new pump in,” Dyer says.

Dyer says swimming pools and car washes are shutting down during the cutback. He says car wash owners are unhappy with the cutback, however, he wants to get them back and operating as soon as possible.

Dyer says the city is meeting with a couple of industries within the city and largest water users to see if there is a way to consume less water or take water from another source. If in agreement to do that, they may be able to lift the ban earlier.

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