St LOUIS , MO (KMOX)– It’s been six months since the nationwide Tylenol shortage left shelves bare, and it appears no relief is in sight.

Tylenol maker McNeil has dealt with some manufacturing concerns, including new warning labels and recalls on some products.

Clark Kebodeaux with the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and a Walgreen pharmacist said, “Those warning labels will have different caps on what is the appropriate amount of over the counter Tylenol that is appropriate and they are doing this in conjunction with the FDA.”

In the meantime, Kebodeaux says there are plenty of generic acetaminophen available in stores just not much of the Tylenol brand name.

There are also manufacturer’s shortages of Excedrin Migraine as well. Excedrin maker Novartis has give no word on when the products will be back in full supply.


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