Nick Gale

CHICAGO (IRN) – Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is still not satisfied with a gambling expansion bill.

Quinn remains insistent that legislation that would create five new casinos and allow slot machines at race tracks must include proper oversight. “The ship isn’t going to leave port unless it has all the cargo on it, and the cargo starts with tough oversight that’s no-nonsense, that makes sure that we don’t get the wrong characters involved in gambling in the State of Illinois, particularly in Chicago,” Quinn said.

Quinn is concerned that organized crime could infiltrate casinos. Quinn has also said that campaign contributions from those in the gambling industry should be banned.

Lawmakers have offered a trailer bill to address some of Quinn’s concerns, but the governor says there should be one all-inclusive bill. He says supporters should have “done it right the first time.”

Lawmakers passed a similar bill last year, but never sent it to the governor because of a threat of a veto.

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