Toray Henery

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) –-To call 911 to report a family member or a love one that person must have done something egregious, life treating, and just down right terrible. Or maybe that person is extremely ill, has been in an accident, or a pint of blood away from bleeding to death.

Either way the 911 service is staple in this country that saves many lives and is necessary in getting the proper officials to the scene.

Well, who were the dispatchers suppose to send in relief of a woman in distress because her boyfriend refuse to give her another beer?

36-year-old Shannon White of Belleville called 911 a total of six times on Saturday night after her boyfriend refused to  give her another brew.

Infuriated by her boyfriend’s attempt at prohibition White was livid to officials, obviously thinking she had just cause.

After the sixth called police responded paying a visit to book her with misdemeanor charges of filing a false 911 call.

Captain Don Sax says a growing number of callers are drunk or high, rambling about small inconveniences that don’t rise to the level of a true emergency.

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