Maria Keena

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Nearly 48 hours since a five-alarm fire destroyed the 3949 Lindell Apartment complex, a memorial service for the pets that died.

Reverend Ann Wilson officiated the ceremony…..but the lingering question…how many pets died and how many are still in the complex. Mike Perkins is the Director of the Humane Society’s  Animal Cruelty Task Force. He tells KMOX the Humane Society does not have an exact number. Six pets, including a hamster, were taken in until they were reunited with their owners.

However, a cat has been seen in the burned out ruins, but Humane Society workers are not allowed in the complex because it is so unsafe. But Mike Perkins says when and if they are allowed to go in, they will be ready. They already have traps, baited with cat food ready to go.






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