Brian Kelly Twitter:@brpkelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- After seeing them pack Busch Stadium for a month of games played in record-setting heat there’s one thing you can say about Cardinals’ fans, they’re a hardy bunch.

Cardinals ticket manager Joe Strohm  tells KMOX that despite the heat, attendance is about where the team expected it, and night game attendance may actually be up a bit, “People are excited about the team and also, they want to get out and of course it at least is a little more comfortable in the evening than during the day.”

Strohm says day game attendance may be down a little, but the weekend gate is helped by the fact that about 40 percent of weekend fans, come from over 100 miles away, “For many of those people the tickets they purchase for that particular game may be the only game they come to that year, so they’re more likely to come because ‘that’s the only game I’m going to attend this season.'”

Strohm says overall ticket sales are up 11 percent over last season.


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