Saturday Six Pack

(KMOX, St. Louis) 1) The NCAA put the hammer down on Penn St. on Monday morning. There are some that believe the new regime that runs Penn St.. should not be punished for the wrong doings of the previous powers that be at the school. While I understand that point to an extent, let’s face it, the NCAA had to make a statement in this sad story.

2) The trade deadline is quickly approaching in Major League Baseball. And with the Cards seemingly getting things together right now on the pitching front, I don’t suspect Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak will be pulling any big moves like last year at the trade deadline. But I would like to see the Cards help themselves with a late inning bat and another arm in the bullpen. You can never have enough pitching.

3) I was really hopeful this offseason with the Blues ownership situation shored up that they could add to what many people believe is a young and loaded roster. But after watching the deals some NHL owners are handing out to the free agents this offseason, I’m glad the Blues are being fiscally responsible. I’m amazed at how this league continues to shoot itself in the foot throwing money around like their playing a game of monopoly. Here’s to the Note making another roster addition before the season that makes financial sense.

4) The Rams training camp opens up on Sunday and while this doesn’t look like a team that can hit the 500 mark this year. I expect to see a much more competitive squad with the addition of Jeff Fisher as head coach. I know ultimately it’s up to players making plays on the field, but coaching can make a difference, just look at the 49’ers last year.

5) The Olympics are underway in London. And I have to admit that other than Michael Phelps and his quest for more gold from the swimming pool, I’m just not too excited about the summer games.

6) I’m curious as to all who were saying a few weeks ago that Tiger Woods was back after his tour win if they’re saying the same thing after last weekends performance at the British? Tiger will never be the same great player we once saw.

Scott Warmann is a Host on the Sports Hub


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