Family Resource Center’s mission is to prevent and treat all forms of child abuse and neglect and to strengthen families through family-centered therapeutic, educational, and support services.

Our staff uses experience, dedication, and compassion to:

 . . . treat the whole child using therapy, remedial education, and foster care.

. . . strengthen families at risk of abuse through counseling,parenting training, and teen mentoring.

. . . break the cycle of abuse that can infect successive generations by providing intensiveinterventions and coordinatedaccess to other communityresources.

. . . engage the community in the effort to protect children,through awareness, volunteeropportunities, and legislativeadvocacy.

Learn how Family Resource Center makes the world a better place – one person at a time:

Maura, an unkempt and angry little girl, was physically and sexually abused by the very adults who should have loved her.  See the video on how FRC’s staff used Maura’s aptitude for dance to help her heal.

Michael’s nightmare of abuse started when he was 8 years old.  His cries for help – to police, teachers, and friends – went unheard for years.   FRC would have listened and intervened. Michael is now in graduate school and committed to helping other abused children.  See the video on Michael’s amazing resilience.

Luke and his brothers endured unimaginable abuse.  Birthdays and Holidays were snuffed out by painful memories.  Read how FRC and loving foster parents helped them experience the joys of family and replaced sadness with joyful memories – including a visit with Santa.

Marla, an FRC teen mentor, is amazed at the changes she sees in young moms she works with.  They move from desperation and depression to taking control of their lives.  Why?  Because, through FRC’s MMP program, Marla helps them believe in themselves.

Jane looks back on her prior life as a bad dream, something she could not have weathered without Intensive In-Home Intervention from FRC.  “That was me then – I’m different now.  I’m a good mom.”  FRC has an 85% success rate in keeping families together.

Go to or Facebook for videos and stories about giving abused kids another chance at a successful future, and to learn how you can help.


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