GLENDALE, MO (KMOX) – Citing a history of mental illness, along with recent financial troubles, Glendale police have confirmed that the deaths of Catherine Murch and her two children Monday was an instance of murder-suicide.

Speaking at a press conference, Lt. Tim Fagan laid out the evidence that Catherine Murch, 42, purchased a gun at an area gun store and, two days later, gunned down her children, 11-year-old Mitchell, and 9-year-old Mary Claire.

“Early on we cautioned that we were going to go slow and be as methodical as we could in order to come to the correct conclusion,” Fagan said. “I think I’m comfortably at a point where I can tell you that I believe this incident was as reported, I think this was a very tragic murder-suicide.”

“Not only all the physical evidence we have but certainly all the circumstantial evidence we have just points to one conclusion.”

Among the pieces of evidence cited by Lt. Fagan was a receipt for the murder weapon, video of Catherine Murch purchasing the weapon, Internet searches from the family computer related to suicide, and Catherine’s long history of mental illness. Ballistic evidence also supports their conclusion, Fagan said.

Mitch Murch – the husband of Catherine and father of the children – called police to report the shootings around 11:00 Monday morning.

The funeral for Catherine Murch and her two children will take place Saturday morning at the Cathedral Basilica. The three will be buried at St. Peter’s Cemetery in Kirkwood. Friends, family and church members are invited, members of the media are not.

“A Glendale family that is grieving the deaths of a mother and two children has asked that they, and their community, be allowed to grieve privately,” the Archdiocese wrote in a press release Thursday. “Out of respect for this grieving family, media will not be permitted to the Murch wake, funeral or burial services.”


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