NEW YORK, NEW YORK –  Polls in three key presidential battleground states now show some advantages for each candidate: President Barack Obama has a six-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney among Wisconsin’s likely voters and a narrower four-point edge in Virginia, while Romney now has a five-point edge among likely voters in Colorado.

Colorado: Romney is seen as better able to manage the economy, and voters think his plans are more likely than Obama’s to help them financially.       In a reversal from 2008, Romney is leading among whites – whom  Obama won narrowly in 2008.  White college graduates, whom Obama carried by 14 points in 2008, are now divided, as are independents.  Men  and voters over 35 are behind Romney, while the President has strong support from Colorado’s women and Hispanic voters.

Virginia:  Obama is helped by strong support from women and black voters, and he is much more likely than Romney to be seen as caring about voters’ problems. Romney keeps the race close with support from independents and a large lead among whites, especially non-college educated whites.

Wisconsin: Obama has the backing of women and voters in union households in a state that he carried easily in 2008.  More see him rather than Romney as caring about them, and the President has higher favorable and job approval ratings in Wisconsin than in Colorado or Virginia.

In all three states, more voters are optimistic about their state’s economy than about the nation’s economy.

The poll was commissioned by Quinnipiac University , CBS news and the New York Times



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