FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. (KMOX) — U.S. House Speaker John Beohner, R-Ohio, will be in Fairview Heights Monday morning. He’s attending a fundraising event on behalf of Jason Plummer, the GOP nominee for the 12th U.S. House District seat.

That seat is currently being held by Democrat Jerry Costello, who has represented the 12th district since 1988. Earlier this year Costello announced his retirement.

Plummer is running against Democrat General Bill Enyart of Belleville.

Comment from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:
Speaker Boehner is in Illinois on Monday to reward millionaire Jason Plummer for his loyalty to the Tea Party agenda in Congress that puts millionaires before the middle class and Medicare.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a paid campaign to expose millionaire Jason Plummer’s  support for Republicans’ out-of-touch agenda that puts seniors and the middle class at risk.
The DCCC will run radio ads about millionaire Jason Plummer to hold him accountable for standing with Speaker Boehner and millionaires instead of fighting for middle class families in Illinois.
Here is the script:
Republican Speaker John Boehner is in town to reward Jason Plummer who would protect tax breaks for millionaires instead of Medicare for seniors. Tell Plummer that Republicans should end vacation and get back to work.
Comment from Candidate General Enyart’s Campaign:
“Washington is a mess because politicians like millionaire Jason Plummer and Speaker Boehner would rather hide their financial information from voters and refuse to have an honest conversation about how they personally profit from their agenda that gives more tax breaks for millionaires, but stacks the deck against Southern Illinois folks who work for a living. For Speaker Boehner to come all this way to raise money for millionaire Jason Plummer, it’s clear that Plummer’s assured Washington that he’ll just go along with out of touch politicians who have been failing the middle class and now want to cut Medicare.”
General Enyart has been meeting with seniors and families across Southern Illinois who are worried about Speaker Boehner’s proposed budget that cuts Medicare and could mean families suddenly have to pay thousands more for their health care. General Enyart worked the line at Caterpillar with his dad before serving our country and he believes that Washington has a responsibility to balance the budget by honoring the middle class not rewarding millionaires or special interests.

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