Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) –  Hoping to rev up local support for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his new running mate Paul Ryan, a couple of St. Louis Republicans made a stop at Donelson Cycles in Affton Monday morning.

Wagner, who handily won the GOP nomination for Missouri’s 2nd District Congressional seat last Tuesday and will face Democrat Glenn Koenen in November (pending a recount of Democratic primary votes), said the addition of Ryan is a shot in the arm for the Romney campaign.

“We’ve got to have a discussion about where we go in terms of reigning in spending, reducing our debt and limiting government,” Wagner said. “These are the kind of ideas that Paul Ryan and Governor Romney have been speaking about.”

They chose Donelson Cycles because it’s a small, locally-owned business and gave Republicans another chance to harp on President Obama’s statement last month that “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else did that”.

Democrats argue the quote has been taken out of context and twisted by conservatives in their quest to oust Obama this fall.

A sign in front of the podium outside Donelson read “We did build it”.

Former Senator Jim Talent said the president’s had four years to fix the economy and his policies haven’t worked.

“Americans are hurting as a result,” Talent insisted. “We’ve had unemployment above eight-percent for longer than any time since the Great Depression and median family income is down in the country by over four-thousand dollars.”

He said electing Romney and Ryan this November would put America on the economic road to recovery.

Talent then addressed Medicare, saying he’s ready to join the verbal battle with Democrats who have already denounced Congressman Ryan’s Medicare reform policies as an attack on the nation’s middle class.

“Here’s what Paul Ryan has never done,” said Talent. “He’s never taken seven-hundred billion dollars out of Medicare in order to pay for an entirely new program in which senior citizens will not participate, and that’s exactly what President Obama did.”

He went on to accuse the Obama administration of crossing the line and “using Medicare as a cash cow to pay for new federal spending”.


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