ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A public awareness session,  held by the Department of Natural Resources, drew very few members of the public last night in South Saint Louis County.

The purpose, Ameren Missouri wants to build a second waste landfill on top of an existing one at its coal-fired Meramec Power Plant.

Representatives for the Sierra Club say the Department of Natural Resources only gave citizens six days notice of the meeting, not the required 30-days and they want more meetings held.

The Meramec Power Plant is located on a flood plain at the confluence of the Mississippi and Meramec Rivers. Ameren’s Bob Meiners compared the coal ash to quick-setting concrete,  once water is added to the fly ash and bottom ash,  byproducts of coal used to generate power.

A Biologist,  Patricia Schuba,  with the Labadie Environmental Organization says the toxins in coal ash readily get into water.

But Ameren says precautions are being taken to assure the community that there are no contaminants released.

As to when there will be more public hearings, a schedule has not been made public.



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