ALORTON, Ill. (KMOX) –  A federal judge in East St. Louis Monday sentenced formor Alorton mayor Randy McCallum to 43 months in prison on corruption charges.

McCallum, 44, had earlier entered guilty pleas to charges of attempting to buy crack cocaine, theft of government property, trying to smuggle contraband into a prison, and lying to federal investigators.

Prosecutors had alleged that an Alorton police officer who was working with federal authorities was approached by city officials and told to use his position as a police officer to “pull some licks”, meaning to steal money and drugs from arrestees.

Based on that information, Illinois State Police provided an undercover officer from another part of the state to take part in a sting operation.

The undercover officer was soon involved in a traffic stop, which McCallum witnessed.

According to court records, McCallum called the officer who made the stop and asked what happened.

While a hidden tape recorder rolled, the officer told McCallum that the vehicle smelled of marijuana and that the driver claimed to be from the Chicago area.

The officer also said the driver admitted to being wanted on warrants and begged not to be taken to jail.

McCallum was heard asking the officer to keep the money seized from the driver’s pockets in return for not arresting him.

McCallum also asked the officer if they could split the $2,000 in cash recovered during the stop.

On a later date the undercover officer approached McCallum and showed him $470 and 13 grams of an off-white chunky substance that was made to resemble crack cocaine.

McCallum asked the officer where it came from, and the officer responded that it had been seized during a traffic stop involving a Missouri resident who was passing through Alorton.

The former mayhor took $200 and all of the drugs.

McCallum then explained that he would “get the drugs on the street by Friday” and that he would pay the officer $100 after it was sold.

The substance wasn’t actually crack cocaine but a look-alike substance created by federal agents especially for the sting operation.

McCallum called the arresting officer the following day and complained that the “drugs” he’d been given would not burn.

Before being sentence Monday, McCallum wiped away tears as he apologized to hi family, friends and Alorton residents.

McCallum will most likely be assigned to a prison with a medical facility due to his health issues — his attorney said McCallum needs a kidney transplant.


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