Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun, mrcalhoun@cbs.com)

UNIVERSITY CITY (KMOX) – Four young men were arrested Friday afternoon after trading gunfire in broad daylight near Heman Park.

Police nabbed the suspects as they were in a vehicle leaving the park. A handgun was recovered, but was not believed to be the only weapon involved.

Several shots were fired but nobody was hurt.

As officers collected shell casings and put up their yellow police tape, a van from the First Baptist Church of St. Charles pulled up. Dozens of kids piled out and began preparing for a performance in the park.

“We talked to some of the officers and they said that the bad guys won’t be back tonight,” Dan Eubanks said. “This is probably one of the safest parks in St. Louis tonight, so we’re going to go ahead of set up and do our thing.”

He said their choir had performed in Chicago, for instance, and had picked up drug needles and other trash before performing, so this wasn’t a big deal.

And University City police maintain nobody should be afraid of patronizing the park at any time of day.

“I’m concerned anytime people are shooting, but of course we have increased patrols in the park,” Captain Michael Ransom said. “You just never know when people are going to make bad choices.”


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