Weekend Quick Hits

(KMOX, St. Louis)–Here are some quick hit thoughts for the weekend:

1) I mentioned this several weeks ago on the station that I thought this current road trip the Cardinals are on may be the most critical to the team if they are to make the playoffs. The Redbirds just can’t afford to lose the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh series.

2) I don’t think the Cards had much of a choice but to move Lance Lynn to the pen. I believe Lance is still very important part of the team and actually strengthens the bullpen quite a bit.

3) It’s great to see Skip Schumaker getting regular time this weekend against the Reds. No disrespect to Daniel Descalso, but to me, Schumaker deserves the job as the everyday second baseman.

4) The dissappointing part of what I’ve seen from the Rams during the preseason is the number one defense getting shredded by the Colts and Cowboys. I know it’s preseason and this is a young team, but I expect the defense to look better under a defensive minded head coach.

5) Not surprised at what we’ve seen for the better part of preseason on offense. The Rams just don’t have the horses on the offensive line to expect big things this year.

6) If there is a lockout by the NHL, I don’t think it will hurt the game that much if it’s for a short period of time because the start of the leagues season is in the shadows of pro and college football season and the baseball playoffs. Only the die hard hockey fans will take notice, but most if not all diehards will be there once the season starts. The league could lose it’s casual fans if it decides to prolong the lockout past a couple of months. And hopefully the powers that be will come to there senses by then and that doesn’t happen.

Scott Warmann is a host on the Sports Hub


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