Brett Blume

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) –  A new law that takes effect today expands Missouri’s “Move Over” law.

That law’s been in effect for the past decade regarding police and fire vehicles, and MoDOT’s Instant Response Coordinator Lisa Vieth says drivers seem to have gotten the message.

“A lot of motorists already move over for our vehicles as a courtesy,” she points out. “Most of our adjoining states have similar laws so it should be nothing new for folks that have travelled in neighboring states to see the maintenance vehicles added to the move-over law.”

The new law also includes certain MoDOT vehicles in the legal definition of emergency vehicles.

Now as they respond to an emergency MoDOT Motorist Assist or Emergency Response vehicle operators can display red lights and use a siren.

They will do so only to alert motorists stopped in a traffic jam caused by an emergency up ahead to yield right-of-way.

“We have our folks out there on the side of the road every day and we want to make sure that their safety is of utmost importance,” Vieth says. “Not only for them so they go home to their families, but another accident out on the roadway only causes more delays for drivers.”

Starting today drivers will notice new signs reminding them to slow down or change lanes when approaching emergency or maintenance vehicles parked on the shoulder.

The top of the sign will feature black letters on a yellow background drawing attention to the message and aligning Missouri’s sign design with those of other states.


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