Dave Dahl

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (IRN) — Gov. Pat Quinn told his fellow Democrats in Charlotte Tuesday evening the Republicans are scared of facts.

Of the men at the top of the Republican ticket, Quinn said, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to take away the promise that makes Medicare Medicare.

They want to give seniors a voucher that caps what Medicare will cover, and then tell seniors they’re on their own for what’s left. That would cost seniors thousands of dollars a year. And if they don’t have the money, it could cost them their lives.

But that didn’t stop Romney and Ryan from telling the American people that their plan won’t hurt seniors. The fact is, it will. President Obama’s plan will protect Medicare, and protect our seniors.”

Quinn said vice presidential nominee Ryan, a Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, blamed Obama for an auto plant shutdown which actually happened while George W. Bush was president. Quinn then touted the vitalization of the Chrysler plant at Belvidere which now makes the Dodge Dart.

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