ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Social services that deliver food to the sick are feeling the sting of high gas prices, but they say there’s another problem looming on the horizon.

Food Outreach provides nutritious meals to about 2,000 people with HIV/AIDs and cancer around the St. Louis area. Executive Director Greg Lukeman says high gas prices are taking a chunk out of the budget, but fall is going to bring a new challenge.

“We are hearing, sometime this fall, that meat prices and pork prices, any protein-type prices, are going to go up,” Lukeman said. “Estimates are anywhere from five to seven percent.”

And for a charity that spends up to $17,000 a week on food, that’s hard to ignore, especially when it’s already facing the effects of higher gas prices.

“We are seeing a marketed increase in the number of requests for home deliveries,” Lukeman said.

He says Food Outreach hasn’t had to turn anyone down yet, but with the rising price of food, they could have a waiting list for the first time in their 24-year history.


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