CALVERTON PARK (KMOX) – For the first time, the Missouri Department of Transportation is giving it’s blessing to a speed camera.

The Village of Calverton Park is installing the camera on North Florissant Road in front of Walnut Grove Elementary School after it jumped through the hoops to prove that speeders are a problem in front of the school.

“In this particular area, there is a school crossing there and it’s an elementary school, so there are children so the potential does exist for students to get injured if people are driving erratically,” MoDOT engineer Jean Fuchs-Olubogun said.

She says speeds in the 25-mile-per-hour school zone are being clocked at up to 52-miles-per-hour.

There will be warning signs, she says, and the cameras will only be active when the school-zone lights are flashing.

“I would say that it’s like any other ticket that you would get, that you have the responsibility to pay it and everybody has the responsibility of dealing with the consequences of their actions,” Fuchs-Olybogun said.

In the future, work zones and travel-safe zones might get a camera, but she promises that you won’t see them on every street corner.


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