WELDON SPRING, MO (KMOX)-After being caught off guard last year, local authorities say they’re ready for this year’s ‘Streetfighterz Ride of the Century’, which could involve up to two thousand motorcyclists doing stunts on area highways.

All the local police departments will be watching, the Highway Patrol will be bringing in additional troopers from around the state and St. Louis County Police
will adding dozens of officers on the streets and in the air. Chief Tim Fitch tells KMOX,  “We will also have up extra helicopters. Although we know a lot of these motorcycles will try to run from us when we try to stop them, you can’t outrun a helicopter. We have ways of identifying bad behavior on the bikes from the air in particular and eventually they have to stop.”

Fitch says those who get ticketed in the county will also be getting a letter sent to their insurance company telling them that their client likes to do high-speed stunts on their motorcycle, “I think the insurance agents are going to stand up and take notice and say ‘this isn’t who we want to be insured on our policy’ because they’re going to have to pay out eventually.”

Fitch is encouraging parents who have children who are thinking about taking part in the ride, to keep them home this weekend. He says peer pressure could prompt them to do something dangerous.

And for those who are planning to take part, Fitch has one request, “Sign the back of the driver’s license and agree to be an organ donor.”

Our earlier story:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Up to a couple thousand motorcycle riders are expected to take over area highways this weekend for an illegal, and potentially deadly stunt riding event.

According to the groups Facebook page it’s the tenth annual “Streetfighterz Ride of the Century 2012”

A video from last year shows hundreds of crotch rocket riders doing wheelies and other stunts on Interstates 70, 270 and other area highways. In one case a police officer pulling his weapon on a rider at a roadblock.

However the video does show the two riders who died, and one who lost a leg last year during the event.

This year the Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Louis Police Department, St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, St. Charles Police Department, Illinois State Police and the Missouri Department of Transportation are teaming up to try to keep the event safe and legal.

A press conference has been Scheduled for later this morning.

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