Bob Hamilton

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There was a game of “cat-and-mouse” going on Saturday afternoon on the highways around St. Louis.

There’s a large rally of at least 2,000 motorcycle stunt riders meeting in St. Louis this weekend.

At a similar gathering here last year, two riders died and another lost a leg in accidents.

So far, we’ve recorded one accident this afternoon in west St. Louis County and another last night on I-55 in south St. Louis County.  There, a rider was run over after he rode into the path of a car.  The driver of the car says he stopped and watched the rider he’d just run over, get up and ride away.

In west county this afternoon, a police helicopter spotted a group of some two-hundred riders and set up a rolling roadblock in their path. . .police cars side-by-side then slowing to a stop.  The bikers reversed course and rode into another rolling roadblock.

Police promise arrests and say stunts on a highway are an invitation to disaster.



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