Brian Kelly Twitter:@brpkelly

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX)- It’s been almost two months since St. Louis County Police adopted a more liberal pursuit policy, but according to Police Chief Tim Fitch it has resulted in “zero” additional chases.

Fitch admits that he’s surprised by that and he doesn’t know why there haven’t been more chases.

Before the change county officers were only allowed to pursue suspects who used or threatened to use deadly force. But residents responding to a survey said they wanted officers to also pursue burglary suspects and impaired drivers. Fitch believes the new rules strike the proper balance, “If you asked most of the officers on the street a lot of them think we should chase for anything. Certainly, we don’t have a policy like that and won’t allow a policy like that. We have to have common sense rules and I think the rules we have in the new pursuit policy really do offer some common sense ways to deal with these high-speed pursuits.”


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