Brett Blume

EUREKA, Mo. (KMOX) –  Students at St. Mark’s Lutheran School in Eureka are taking part in a project with a lot of “sole”.

They’re trying to collect as many pairs of shoes as possible to be shipped overseas as part of the Fenton-based Shoeman Water Project.

“Our goal is 1,000 pairs of shoes…we’re at 386,” said St. Mark’s principal Sue Templeton. “We have all of our first quarter, through the end of October, in which to do this project.”

If they collected more than 1,000 pairs Templeton said that would be great, adding that it takes 5,000 pairs to provide the funding needed for just one new well to be drilled.

The Shoeman Water Project exports new and “gently used” shoes to retailers in third-world countries.

The resale of those shoes provides jobs and affordable footwear, with funds generated directed toward well-drilling projects, water purification systems and other methods of providing fresh, clean water to areas that are doing without.

Templeton says the 185 students at the private school for 2-year-olds through 8th graders have enthusiastically embraced the philanthropy project.

“They’re very excited, we’ve got kids that bring bags and bags of shoes both from their own families and their neighbors,” she said.

Those outside the Eureka community can also contribute shoes to the project.

For more information go to or call (636) 938-4432.


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