SPRINGFIELD, IL (IRN) – Will deals be brokered between Democrats and Republicans in Washington no matter who wins the presidential race? U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) thinks it is possible.

Durbin believes there can be progress made on issues such as the Farm Bill and immigration reform, but it will take bi-partisan efforts to do so.

“Take a look at the situation. We passed a bi-partisan Farm Bill in the Senate and the House couldn’t get it passed. They didn’t do it in a bi-partisan way,” Durbin said.

“The honest answer is the biggest problems facing America need to be resolved by both political parties. No one’s going to jam anything through in this situation. So I hope that whether it’s the Farm Bill or education or immigration, we can finally sit down and start working it out. I think that’s what the people are looking for,” he said.

But would it be easier to get things accomplished under another four years of leadership by the president? Durbin thinks so.

“I know where his heart is and I know what his agenda is. When it comes to [Republican presidential candidate] Gov. [Mitt] Romney, it’s just hard to say. I mean, he’s said he would veto the Dream Act, which I thought was a really unfortunate statement. I hope that he gets chance to meet some of these young people. Maybe he’ll change his mind.”

On the Dream Act and immigration reform, Durbin says he has spoken to some of his Republican colleagues who have told him that they understand it’s overdue.


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