ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In Wednesday night’s presidential debate, the most to gain goes to Romney, the most to lose also goes to Romney.

That, from UMSL Political Science Professor David Robertson.

“It’s very important that Romney does a good a job as he can to keep the race as close as he can because if (President) Obama pulls away even further, republican voters are likely to be a little bit discouraged. Some may not vote at all” said Robertson.

Robertson goes so far as to say that even though there are two more presidential debates after Wednesday, the Wednesday night face-off could actually be Romney’s last chance.

About Mitt Romney, Robertson says “He’s going to have to pin President Obama’s record on Obama and try to emphasize that Obama has fallen short on the economy.”

About President Obama, Robertson says “He must avoid getting pulled into any kind of a nasty contest with Romney, thats very negative.”

Put another way, says Professor Robertson, its Romney’s to win but the pressure is immense.  Because Romney is behind in the polls he will have to reverse that if he’s to win, and even though there are more debates, Robertson says this is his last chance to change the direction of the campaign.   Professor Robertson added that the first several minutes of Wednesday’s debate may be the most crutial.

There is some advantage for Romney, says Robertson.  “Romney as the challenger will have a little bit of a built-in advantage because he will be on the stage with the incumbent president of the United States.”

KMOX will stream the Wednesday night presidential debate on


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