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MANCHESTER, MO. (KMOX)-Manchester Police say a 19-year-old Winchester man currently charged with sexually assaulting a teenaged girl, is now suspected in more than two dozen sexual assaults over the last four years.

Sgt. Dan Rehm tells KMOX that since Joshua Witkowski was charged Tuesday with the attack on a 14-year-old girl, he’s received 25 to 30 calls from 14 to 17-year-old girls who claim to have had contact with Witkowski, “A lot of them are sexual assaults. Some of them would be classified as rapes.”

Rehm he expects to hear from many more victims, “Each girl we talk to tells us they know of at least two or three other girls who have either been with him, had a relationship with him or at least knew him.”

Rehm says Witkowski met most of his victims through Facebook by ‘friending’ attractive ‘friends’ of other ‘friends’, “He just sends them a ‘friend’ request with a little note saying, ‘I think you’re cute, I’d like to meet you.'”

He says that up until now, Witkowski’s young victims hadn’t told anyone, even close friends, about the crimes, “They’re scared. They’re embarrassed. It’s a very degrading, personal type of crime and they don’t want to have anybody know that anything has ever happened to ’em. ”

Rehm says the victims are grateful for the first victim who reported the crime.

He says investigators will soon be seeking more charges against Witkowski.

He’s currently being held on $15,000 bond.


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