ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – As tomorrow’s deadline to register to vote in Missouri approaches, a new report shows that nearly one-third of the state’s eligible residents haven’t signed up and have no plans to.

The latest numbers show that 31 percent of eligible Missourians are not registered to vote. That’s actually better than national average, which is 35 percent.

The report’s leader, Missouri State University Dr. Mike Stout, says neither number is very good.

“Obviously, you want to have an informed and engaged electorate and our signs are kind of pointing to suggesting we don’t exactly have the engaged electorate that you would hope to have that would create a healthier democracy.”

Stout says many of those not registered tend to be younger and less educated. By not registering, he says they give up their voice.

“Politicians cater to the people who vote for them so if there are certain demographics who are less likely to turn out to vote, then they are going to be less likely to have their issues represented in city, state, and national politics.”

While Missouri ranks 15th nationwide in the percentage of those registered, it ranks 29th in the percentage who actually vote.


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