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SWANSEA, Ill. (KMOX)-Another section of the growing region-wide trail system is scheduled to open later this week along the Metrolink tracks in St. Clair County.

It’s a two-mile extension of the MetroBikeLink Trail in St. Clair County that will connect the Swansea and Memorial Hospital Metrolink stations.

St. Clair County Transit District Managing Director Bill Grogan Tells Total Information AM such trails help more people use transit, “A lot of people use that train as the core of their trip, but one or the other or both ends of their trip may be on a bicycle because either the bus or train doesn’t go precisely to their location.”

Grogan says however, the trails are popular with more than just commuters, “What we’re seeing is both the combination of commuters in the morning and evening rush hours getting to the Metrolink stations and more and more people midday that are not at work, they’re either retired or they’re out for a day off, using the trails for recreational purposes.”

The project cost $3.3 million. More than half the funding came from St. Clair County Transit District. 36 percent came from the Federal Transit Administration, the rest from the Metro East Park and Recreation District.

The trail officially opens at 9:30 Thursday morning.

Click here to hear the entire interview with Bill Grogan.


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