BRENTWOOD, MO (KMOX) – “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” a children’s book about two male guinea pigs getting married, will stay on the shelves of the Brentwood Library.

After a girl checked it out, her father asked that the book be taken off the shelves because it might promote same-sex marriage.

But library director Vicki Woods says lots of children’s books deal with sensitive topics and the book won’t be removed simply because same-sex marriages are illegal in Missouri.

“If we were to remove books regarding legality, we would have to take out books like Huck Finn on slavery since that’s not legal anymore,” Woods said.

“The decision was made by my children’s librarian and she made that decision based off of reviews that she read in popular journals that recommended the book.”

Woods says she sent a letter to the father explaining that the book would stay. She wrote that there were a number of same-sex couples in Brentwood whose children would appreciate the book.


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