ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Hoping to reverse the exodus of parents with children from the city, Mayor Slay announces plans to open three more charter schools.

Slay says thousands of families with kids have left the city in recent years, seeking better public schools in the suburbs.

“All the time I hear parents say, ‘Oh, Mayor, I’d like to stay in the city. I want my child to get into Mallincrodt , or McKinley or Kennard. And if we don’t get into those schools, we’re moving.'”

The three new charter schools are the Lafayette Preparatory Academy, Eagle College Prep and Gateway Science Academy of south St. Louis. By fall, some nine thousand students are expected to attend charter schools in the city.

Slay was asked if the growing charter school movement might siphon off the best and brightest from the city public school district — just as it’s making progress toward regaining full accreditation.

“I don’t think we’re brain-draining anybody, or stealing anybody’s kids or money,” Slay said, “The kids are our kids. They’re not the public school district kids. And the money is tax dollars and the money follows the child.”


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