NORMANDY (KMOX) – There was a lot of finger pointing at a meeting of Normandy School District alumni last night.

About 20 people gathered to talk about the recent loss of accreditation and resignation of the superintendent. When it came to what to do next, some people pointed to the school board.

“I believe that the whole board needs to go,” one man said. “Not only the superintendent, but everybody needs to go.”

Superintendent Stanton Lawrence will step down at the end of the school year.

Board member Herbert Clifton says the board just rubber-stamped anything Lawrence wanted, and that was a problem.

“I think the superintendent could have been a good superintendent if he had an efficient board but the board handed the keys over to him and stepped back.”

Clifton says when he tried to voice opposition to the other six members of the board, he was always shut down.

The board could be recalled by a petition, though there doesn’t appear to be a formal movement for that.


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