Nathan Grimm (@Nate_Grimm)

This afternoon, the St. Louis Rams are playing football in London, but not the football they usually play in London, the football the Rams play in America but that’s called American football across the pond. In London their football is our soccer, their chips are our french fries, and generally nothing makes sense. Such is life.

So it only stands to reason that, when tailgating for an American football game in London, you should do as the Londoners do. What follows is an unofficial (and largely stereotypical) tour of tailgating, London-style.

Food: Fish and chips

Fish and chips is an English icon, like the Beatles or Harry Potter. As noted earlier, the chips are usually actually french fries, but either one works. For at-home tailgating, just beer-batter some fish – the English love their beer, so beer-battering anything is generally acceptable – and serve with kettle chips. Also, meat pies.

Drink: It depends

First, beer. Any dark beer will do. Stout? Perfect.

But for the non-alcoholic beverages, the English are notorious for their love of tea. They drink it, like, six times a day. The rumors of a scheduled tea break during the third quarter of today’s game are unfortunately untrue, but tea will be available before and after and maybe even in one of the Gatorade containers on the sideline during the game. Need the kind of electrolyte replenishment that tea just can’t provide? Sorry, just drink more tea.

Shows of support: Singing

This is easily my favorite English football tradition. As opposed to the American chants of “Let’s go Rams!” or the ever-popular “Saaaaaaaack!” the English prefer to sing their support. Instead of letting the Rams know they need to play defense, why not let them know they’ll never walk alone?

Attire: Scarves

The English love scarves. This is just another thing I have in common with English football fans.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of English football tailgating and fandom. I’m confident that with this as your guide, your experience for today’s game will be minimally different than any other day. Cheers!


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