CLAYTON (KMOX) – Computer experts are warning internet surfers about a very different kind of computer virus.

The “FBI virus” is taking millions of dollars from unsuspecting users.

Steve Dodson owns Clayton Computer Specialists and says this virus is particularly dangerous because it pops up on the screen and says it’s from the FBI, and you’re being fined for an illegal download.

“It goes a little bit further in really attacking the user with kind of a psychological theme to manipulate them or catch them off guard in the moment they fell very vulnerable.”

He says if you’re using a laptop and get infected, it can turn on your web camera and show a picture of you, sitting at your computer. It then tells you to put in your credit card number and pay the fine right away.

Dodson says it isn’t clear where the money goes, possibly to another country.

“Nobody knows who’s getting the money and that knowledge, but somebody is.”

He says if you’re infected, turn your computer off immediately without clicking on anything and then get some help.


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