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ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)– Five months after 14-year old Corniesha Smth was shot on the street while visiting a friend in north St. Louis, her mother is asking the public to help find the killer.

Surrounded by photographs of her dead daughter, Terrica Riley wiped away tears as she met with reporters in her home near Interstate 55 and Gasconade. Describing her daugher as an “A and B student who never got into trouble,” Riley says she regrets letting her daughter do something she never did before — spend the night out.

“That day she said, Mom I’m going to high school now. She said, I just want to spend the weekend over at my friend’s house. And I told her go ahead,” Riley said, “And later on that night, that’s when I got the knock on the door.”

Police say Smith was shot while walking with a friend in the 3900 block of Dunnica around ten p.m. on June 10.   It’s believed the shooting may have been in retaliation for some earlier argument in the area, but whether the victim was involved or the intended target remains unclear.

img 4887 Who Killed Corniesha Smith?

Terrica Riley, mother of murder victim wants answers

“They said that there must’ve been an altercation there earlier in the day, and some people must’ve came back for retaliation,” Riley said, “and her and her friend was just out walking in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Smith says detectives told her they have a suspect in mind, but need more information to prove it.

She is asking that anyone with information to call CRIMESTOPPERS and leave an anonymous tip at 866-371-TIPS.

Sitting by an empty fish tank, the mother read from a poem she says was one of her daughter’s last class projects in 8th grade. It’s called, The Cry:

“Oh, have you ever had a probelem you had to keep to yourself?

“And you’re trying, but it hurts, like so bad,

“It’s a feeling I desire, you bring misery to my life,

“wishing you had someone to trust in, so you can let it all out, the reason why you’ve been feeling so down,

But when you reach out for help, you find there’s no one but yourself,

“I know you want a life this tough forever, only one thing makes it better,

“Don’t hold it inside so much, think it’s your pride when your heart is on the line,

“It’s ok to cry.”

The mother says her other children want her to get a Christmas tree set up soon and move on with the holidays, but Riley says she dreads getting out the Christmas stuff and seeing Corniesha’s stocking.

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