Harry Hamm

harry star 2stars Breaking Dawn 2 Breaking Down

The Twilight movies are just overgrown soap operas with a vampire twist, complete with tight close ups of perfect faces and villains with the best complexions and oldest clothes in show business. There’s more posing than acting. And if you look close, the you’ll notice the production values are somewhat bargain basement. The characters don’t walk, they kind of zip. And when they use a car, it’s a Volvo, which is good because they need a high mileage vehicle since they never sleep.

dawn 5 Breaking Dawn 2 Breaking Down

In “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2” the Cullen’s little girl Renesmee is the problem. The evil Volturi wants to wage a war since he feels the little girl, who is half-human, half-vampire, will cause some serious problems. Of course, there’s a showdown……with vampires from all over the world coming to help. But wait, it’s only a dream!

dawn 1 Breaking Dawn 2 Breaking Down

The cast of “Breaking Dawn 2” includes the regulars: Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. All three look like permanent residents of a junior high yearbook.

dawn 4 Breaking Dawn 2 Breaking Down

And did I mention all the posing?



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