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harry star 4andahalfstars Blue Man Group Is Funtastic!

For many people, “Blue Man Group” will be the most fun they have had in a theater in a long time. Kids and adults can both relate to this inventive, free form, totally engaging performance art spectacular that deals with, in a very broad sense, themes about technology, the world, the people in it and what draws us all together. And lest you get the idea this is too philosophical a show, there are many silly segments, including one on how to dine on Twinkies.

untitled Blue Man Group Is Funtastic!

Three primary performers are the “Blue Men.” They are supported by a cast of technicians and on-stage musicians who all share a bow at the end of the show. There is no intermission, and the “Blue Man Group” performance lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Without giving away too much, the show’s finale number involves the entire audience in a most celebratory fashion. Audience involvement and the use of “live” video is a big part of this production.

blue man group g021 Blue Man Group Is Funtastic!

Color and unpredictability are also key ingredients to “Blue Man Group.” There’s a lot of silent film era mime and lampooning of modern technology. The music has a heavy beat, is loud and diverse, with a strong influence of techno.

blue man group g03 Blue Man Group Is Funtastic!

The roots of “Blue Man Group” go all the way back to 1987 when Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, it’s three founders, first performed the show in small venues around New York City. It slowly took hold and today “Blue Man Group” is a worldwide phenomenon, including Las Vegas and even many large cruise ships.

blue man 2 Blue Man Group Is Funtastic!

You can get in trouble trying to be too descriptive about “Blue Man Group.” The element of surprise and not knowing what to expect next is part of the entertainment. It’s a production that is mildly thought-provoking, very funny on several levels and so full of itself that it’s charm is irresistibly contagious.



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