ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The career criminal who crashed his girlfriend’s car on I-70 near North Hanley after fleeing from St. Charles and St. Ann police early this morning is still in hiding this afternoon but he apparenlty knows he’s in trouble.

“He did call his boss and told his boss that he will not be in and, in fact, won’t be in for a long time,” St. Ann Police Lt. Aaron Jimenez said.

According to Jimenez, 26-year-old Brandon Silver of St. Louis was going 97 miles-per-hour when he passed an officer moments before crashing. He then was nearly hit by a tractor trailer while running across I-70.

Jiminez said Silver left his cell phone in the car. When it rang, an officer answered it and heard a woman yelling at Silver for not picking her up from work.

“He identified himself as a police officer, said ‘Hey, there was a male driving this car, your car is wrecked’ and she was so mad at that point that she gave up her boyfriend,” Jimenez said.

He said Silver has 67 sheets of prior arrests.


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