Nathan Grimm (@Nate_Grimm)

Rice-A-Roni might be the San Francisco treat, but it’s not likely to be found at many tailgates when the 49ers play. Just as we ventured to London to sample some of the fabulous (read: questionable) English cuisine, today we’ll venture to the city by the bay, home of the defending world champions in baseball and acoustic singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson!


The most notable contribution San Francisco has provided to the food world is the delicious sourdough bread. Although it’s been perfected by the St. Louis Bread Co., sourdough was originally a San Francisco creation. On chilly days in December in San Francisco – 58 and cloudy today! Brrr! – fans can likely be found dipping sourdough bread in thick, creamy soups.


And what better to dip your sourdough bread in than a seafood-based soup! Being located near a bay, seafood is a large part of San Franciscan cuisine. And while Michael Crabtree may be the most popular member of the seafood family among 49ers fans, dungeness crab is one of the more prominent members of the seafood community that San Francisco is known for.

As a result of the abundance of seafood in the area, San Francisco is also well-known for cioppino, a fish stew that is a personal favorite of St. Louis’s own Bernie Miklasz. Cioppino is often a combination of dungeness crab, clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, mussels and fish. The seafood is then combined with fresh tomatoes in a wine sauce.

You don’t see many cioppinos at Rams tailgates. The closest we get is crab dip. Advantage: St. Louis.


Speaking of wine, San Francisco, and California in general, is known for its wine production. The city is located near the famous Napa Valley, a haven for wine drinkers. What goes better with a little football than a full-bodied Cabernet? A lot of things, actually.

San Francisco is also a hotspot for the growing craft beer industry. Getting up for a big game? Pound a few craft beers. And then start to feel sick. Why would you pound a craft beer? Newbie.


Ever heard of the California Pizza Kitchen? That’s where San Francisco is located. Look it up.

The 49ers may not be welcome in St. Louis this Sunday, but these San Francisco favorites always have a standing invitation at my tailgate. What a treat!


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