ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – If the fine for not wearing a seatbelt was 50 dollars instead of ten dollars, would more Missourians buckle up?

A Missouri State Senator from St. Louis thinks so and that’s why Joe Keaveny is trying, for a third time, to get the fine increased.

Keaveny tells KMOX that the ten dollar fine just isn’t convincing enough.

“Traffic deaths are up right now in the state. They’re up by, I think, 5 percent and we need to pay attention,” Keaveny said.

Keaveny said his goal is not to raise revenue but to get more people to buckle up.

“I prefer that we don’t raise a nickel. The way cars are designed today, you almost have to go out of your way not to wear your seatbelt,” he said.

Keaveny’s bill does not allow officers to pull over motorists for not wearing a seatbelt only, because he said that would never get through the legislature.

“Keep in mind, the fine for littering in Missouri is $79.50 so where are our priorities?” Keaveny asked. “You throw stuff out the window, they charge you $79.50, you don’t wear a seatbelt which could get you killed, they only charge you $10.”


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