Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  A deeper search into the most recent census numbers for the St. Louis region reveal some surprising results.

This is not the stripped-to-the-bone version which mainly just counted heads back in 2010 to streamline that process, but something called the American Community Survey which has spent the past couple of years asking more detailed questions.

For instance, education levels.

“For the St. Louis metro area as a whole 29.6% of the population had a Bachelor’s degree or higher,” according to Scott Boggess, senior demographer with the U. S. Census Bureau. “82% in Ladue, and 6.7% in East Alton, Illinois.”

All of the numbers are contained in a new report released early Thursday morning by the Census Bureau.

Another big disparity showed up when looking at the percentage of households where someone 65 or older lives alone.

That figure in Shrewsbury topped 21% while in Barnhart is was a microscopic 1.8%.

Boggess says it’s an important number for local first responders in cases of emergency or in planning health care services.

Another finding in the ACS report: just over six-percent of the population region-wide speaks a language other than English at home.

“But in Olivette that was 22.7%, while in Pacific it was 1.3%,” Boggess explained. “This is important for the local school boards…English as a second language and what languages they need to be able to provide instruction in for the schoolchildren.”

For a full breakdown of the numbers contained in the new American Community Survey report, go to:


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