ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – Among those keeping an eye on the weather that’s headed our way are officials with the St. Louis County Highway Department.

Department spokesman David Wrone says they’ll be ready to fire up the plow trucks as soon as the first flake falls.

“What we do is we work 12 hour shifts for snowstorms, snow events, and we work around the clock until the entire system is treated and driveable,” Wrone said.

“We plow our arterial roads first,” he explains. “Those are the broad lane, multi-lane roads such as Forest Park Parkway, Reavis Barracks, Patterson, Shackelford, roads of that nature. They’re critical.”

After that come secondary roads, subdivisions and other residential streets.

Wrone says they will have an arsenal of equipment and crew ready to go. “Approximately 35,000 tons of salt are warehoused geographically throughout St. Louis County at our operations districts. We got about 110, 115 different plow vehicles and our staff itself is approximately 300.”


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