Bill Reker & Brett Blume

CARLYLE, Ill. (KMOX) –  The winter storm that was at first expected to drop several inches of snowfall on St. louis shifted to the south, leaving much of the region high and dry.

Folks in many parts of south-central Illinois, however, have not been so lucky.

“The (St. Louis) metro area dodged a bullet, but southern Illinois certainly did not,” said Joe Monroe with the Illinois Department of Transportation. “We are experiencing snow still falling and the winds have picked up so the snow that’s falling is being blown around as well.”

KMOX’s Bill Reker lives in Carlyle, Illinois which found itself in the path of the snow.

“I would describe the streets in Carlyle as simply wet,” Reker reported Wednesday morning. “I know they’re talking about blizzard conditions in eastern Clinton County but we’re not seeing them in the city of Carlyle. Just a dusting of snow.”

He did note that it was very windy, kicking up snow that will add a degree of difficulty to driving this morning.

IDOT’s Joe Monroe said they actually expect plow crews to be out on the roads in the hardest hit communities of central and southern Illinois for up to another 24 hours.

He added that drivers who come upon a plow while out on the roads can do them a big favor.

“Do not pass the plow,” Monroe explained. “I know it is so tempting because we drive slower than the prevailing traffic, but if you think about it the road right behind the plow is probably in the best shape that you’re going to see. Invariably people want to get right up to the plow and they think the roads are fine and they want to get around because they think the rest of the roadway’s in perfect shape, but there’s a drastic difference between the front of that plow and the back of the plow.”

He said that also can distract the driver, adding that already this morning they’ve had several “close calls” with drivers getting too close or pulling in front of a plow truck.


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