ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – New details are emerging about the departure of former KMOV-TV anchor Vickie Newton.

It turns out Newton moved to Arkansas after five years of being cyberstalked. She’s now gone public and says the stalking has continued since she left St. Louis, adding that the cyber harassment has intensified and become very personal.

The revelations were published in an article in The Village Celebration, an online magazine “dedicated to reporting stories that highlight the rich tradition of triumph, perseverance, and faith of African-Americans,” according to its website. Newton is the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

The stalker has described rooms in her home, knows the name of family members, and is believe to have set off alarms at Newton’s lake house in Arkansas. He or she was sending hundreds of e-mails every day and since Newton left St. Louis, it hasn’t stopped. In fact, she is quoted as saying the threats have become more aggressive.

Newton and her family have reached out to the F.B.I., the Attorney General in Arkansas, and a technology expert. She is quoted by writer Amanda Quick as saying her situation is “mind-boggling” and that emails even disappeared from her private and work emails.

“From what I have read about stalkers, they want control,” Newton said. “When I relocated it disrupted their routine and so the internet remains this person’s primary source of intimidation. We have installed new security systems and have changed locks, we have reached out to authorities and the harassment continues.”

“I don’t know who is stalking me and I don’t know what the end game is,” she added. “The internet allows cowards to harass and intimidate. People who would never in a million years say or do the things they do on the Internet are emboldened by the anonymity it provides.”

The St. Louis NAACP  is aware of the story and supports stronger laws against cyberstalking. An online petition has emerged as a result.


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